Savings & Investments

Savings & Investments from Hardiman Life & Pensions

Savings & Investments – we all have different saving and investing needs. For some of us, it might be saving a regular amount of money each month to cover education fees in the future. Or indeed it might be to build up a rainy day fund for whatever the future holds!

For others, you may have a lump sum that you want to invest. You want to maximize the return on your money while taking account of your own appetite for risk and the current opportunities in the market. We have a range of saving and investment solutions outlined below :

  • Deposits accounts
  • Children Education Plans
  • Capital Guaranteed Investments
  • Diversified Multi-Asset Investments
  • Equity Funds
  • Bespoke tax efficient investments portfolios
  • Renewable energy investments.
  • Property Funds
  • EII Schemes

We have a number of investment beliefs:

  • Our investment strategies will depend if you are in the wealth accumulation phase, pre-retirement or post retirement phase and will factor in your attitude and capacity to risk.
  • We are strong believers in asset allocation. If you are diversified across a number of different asset classes, this will produce more consistent investment returns.
  • We believe tax planning is a critical part of our process and how you ultimately achieve your intended goals.