6th August

How to Cut Down on Your Spending after Lockdown

Daniel Hardiman

A huge amount of the time we spend with our clients is spent building an understanding of your goals in life and developing a financial plan to help you achieve your objectives. A lot of attention goes into your retirement...

10th April

How we can help you during the Covid 19 Crisis

Daniel Hardiman

What a crazy world we live in right now and how so much has changed over the past 6 weeks or so. The priority for everyone is to stay safe and healthy and hopefully we will all get through this...

2nd April

Minimise the impact of divorce on your financial plan

Daniel Hardiman

Minimise the impact of divorce on your financial plan A marriage breakup is usually a traumatic time. Very significant life decisions are needed about custody of children and access arrangements, and where each party will live. Often relations between the...

2nd April

8 important principles to teach your kids about money

Daniel Hardiman

In today’s era of consumerism on a grand scale, it can be hard to maintain a clear and constant perspective about the value of money. Many of us muddle along, surviving, making mistakes and getting by. However this is no...

13th August

8 Great Financial Goals to Improve Your Lifestyle

Daniel Hardiman

I find that August is the most popular time of year for annual leave and holidays. The kids summer camps are coming to an end and it's a good time for the family to get away for some quality time....

24th July

Lessons from a Mexican Fisherman

Daniel Hardiman

Lessons from a Mexican Fisherman We’d like to share a story with you that originated back in 1963 when published by the German writer, Heinrich Böll. It’s a very short story, but perfectly captures one of the key messages that...

21st May

Claims are What Count

Daniel Hardiman

As part of our financial planning conversations with you, we always bring the attention around to subjects that are not easy to think about – a serious illness or death visiting a family member or indeed yourself. We all naturally...

1st September

What Income Protection is and what it is not

Daniel Hardiman

What Income Protection is What Income Protection is and what it is not. As financial brokers helping our clients to build a better financial future for themselves, we are talking to clients every day about a whole range of issues...

1st June

How time flies – do something today that your future self will thank you for

Daniel Hardiman

How time flies   How time flies ; without doubt the favourite part of my job as a financial planner is helping people who have reached retirement age to access their pension benefits. This is a significant milestone in their...

27th October

5 ways to be tax effective

Daniel Hardiman

5 ways to be tax effective Tax is a necessary evil. If we want to live in a country with access to public services, taxation is the system used to pay for these services. We can (and do!) argue and...